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The best 3%

Every talent we hire goes through a meticulous process of technical and behavioral assessment. Only one out of a hundred candidates pass through the screening.

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Access the best tech resources even outside your local area. Prodigies does not compromise when it comes to quality.

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Hire a full-time permanent developer as fast as in 3 days. Maximum is no more than 4 weeks.

Pre-vetted remote developers available for immediate hire

Prodigies connects reliable and vetted developers with companies around the world. Our talent pool ensures engineering maturity, ability to take ownership and readiness for challenging tasks. Any skill you need, from frontend or backend to DevOps, top resources for it can be found within our network.

Access our network of candidates

We will share a list of remote developers actively looking for software engineering positions with you. Candidate information on this list is updated on a bi-weekly basis.

Get a higher chance of response

Hiring with Prodigies gives you the chance to get a response from candidates 93% of the time whereas standard job boards only give you an 8% chance.

Find the best resource for your needs

Our candidates are thoroughly screened through a series of tests and interviews on their technical knowledge and skills, communication ability and readiness for the industry.

Receive transparent information

Information like salary expectations, time zone preferences and technical prowess of a candidate will be readily available to you thereby saving valuable time.

Reach talents out of your local area

Hiring remote developers with Prodigies will provide access to a large talent pool from all over the world. Access to this global network will increase your possibilities to find the perfect resource.

The future of work is here

Globalization and remote work has been shaping into a revolution. We are proud to have contributed.

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Resources for any tech stack can be found at Prodigies. Our vetted developers are proficient at tackling complex projects and meeting competitive deadlines in multiple industries. Their problem-solving skills and reliable professionalism make them well-fitted for dynamic work settings.

Frontend Developer

with 6 years of experience

Backend Developer

with 7 years of experience

Fullstack Developer

with 7 years of experience

DevOps Engineer

with 5 years of experience

SQA Tester

with 10 years of experience

Mobile Apps Developer

with 6 years of experience

Project Manager

with 10 years of experience

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What clients are saying about Prodigies

If you need to hire developers or other tech professionals, but are overwhelmed by the trouble you have to go through, Prodigies can get the whole hiring process done for you. It is easy, all you need to do is tell them what you are looking for.

Steve Sue

CEO, SaaS Ventures

Hiring from Prodigies is quite quick and easy. Instead of talking to hundreds of people and interviewing a bunch of candidates for one single role, I just needed to talk to one person. They handed me 5 CVs, I interviewed only them and found the perfect candidate for my job!

Tarnjit Saini

CEO, StepOut

I have hired developers from Prodigies multiple times now and they do not disappoint on quality. Every developer I have hired from them has delivered on their promise and there has been no issue regarding signing contracts or managing deliverables so far.

Stefan Willebrand

CEO, BrickNode

The candidate profiles are complete with clear background information. Prodigies also does reference checks for every candidate they represent. So the information they provide is both clear and trustworthy. You can even make a decision solely based on the CVs and candidate profiles, and you are not likely to be disappointed.

Raaef Khan

CTO, StrataSpot

The hiring process is quite streamlined. We haven’t faced any issues and the hiring was done in less than a week. I couldn’t imagine having new hires ready to onboard that quickly! We will definitely recommend Prodigies and would like to hire developers from them again.

Faridul Amin

Head of Ecommerce, Transcom

Prodigies is by far one of the best decisions I have made running this company. Every candidate we hired from them are both well-qualified and passionate about creating the best product.

Juha Sulkakoski

CEO, Upsy Shopping

I would recommend Prodigies to anyone looking for a quick and easy hiring solution. In the technology industry, I have found it quite difficult to find the right candidate for a specific job. It’s hard to tell how an individual will perform without going through elaborate interview processes. Prodigies can take care of this vetting process very well for me.

Shabbir Ahmed

CEO, EMC Technologies

Our developers work with tight deadlines and often we need to hire additional resources as soon as possible to deliver a project on time. Prodigies has assisted us in such a situation with their streamlined hiring process. Without their help, we would have taken much longer to find the right candidate.

Mohammed Alam

Senior Manager, Deloitte