Frequently asked questions

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Is this a freelance portal?
The finest talents are generally not freelancers. All the experts in our talent pool are permanently employed at leading software development firms (rigorously screened by Prodigies) throughout the world. Prodigies functions as a client acquisition platform for these companies, aiding them in discovering exciting new projects for their developers. This ensures that the individuals you hire will be exclusively dedicated to your project, their skills have been validated, and their time and workspace are efficiently organized and managed. Additionally, their salary and social package are well-taken care of.
How different is this from Upwork?
Upwork is a freelancer marketplace, while Prodigies exclusively features middle and senior developers employed full-time at software development firms all over the world. When you hire from Prodigies, you get dedicated professionals focused solely on your project, with organized and managed time and workplace. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures the quality of companies in our talent pool, including track record reviews, legal assessments, and technical tests for developers. We also provide complimentary concierge services with a dedicated Team Advisor and Customer Success Manager to facilitate seamless communication throughout the project.
How different is this from traditional IT outsourcing?
With Prodigies, you can find the ideal developer, effortlessly. Our technology connects you with a carefully curated pool of skilled and experienced developers who are perfectly aligned with your project requirements. Skip the hassle of vetting, interviews, and negotiations – get all info within a day. Browse CVs and portfolios, interview developers, and kick off work much faster than traditional outsourcing (typically 6-8 weeks). Our pre-vetted software development companies ensure quality, with independent verification of developers’ skills and HackerRank for Work tests. A dedicated Customer Success Manager aids in communication and handles legal and financial matters for a risk-free process, including escrow for secure payments upon work acceptance.
How do you mitigate the risks of working with a remote team?
Before your project even starts, we proactively manage risk by:

1. Rigorous pre-vetting of partner companies before inclusion in our talent pool.
2. Verification of individual developers’ skill sets through HackerRank for Work tests.
3. Expert project setup, continuous observation, and maintenance until the final release.
4. Assignment of a Customer Success Manager for streamlined communication, legal, and financial aspects.
5. Implementation of an escrow system for secure payments – funds are released only upon your acceptance of the monthly work results.

How will my project be managed if I partner with Prodigies?
All projects involve multiple management layers.

Clients – You, as clients, have direct oversight of your team and can communicate directly with each team member. You establish the rules.

Customer Success Manager from Prodigies – Provided at no cost for every client, the Customer Success Manager acts as an account manager for your project, facilitating communication, managing legal and financial aspects, and resolving disputes.

Project Manager – Clients have the option to hire a professional Project Manager from the software agency they partner with. This individual can be dedicated to your project either full-time or part-time, ensuring projects align with your intentions.

How is communication managed with engineers on my project?
For each project, we allocate a dedicated Customer Success Manager to aid you in communicating with the other party, addressing legal and financial queries that may arise. Our Managers are proficient in Agile Development Principles and adept at detecting and resolving problems. They not only intervene when issues arise but also conduct weekly checks on both sides.
Can you connect me directly with my developers? Can I meet my team in person before development kicks off?
We’ll facilitate direct connections with every member of your team. If you’re a professional or tech founder, you likely prefer minimal interference in managing your engineers. Nonetheless, we offer a complimentary Customer Success Manager to ensure the seamless progress of your projects.

For those interested, we can assist in organizing trips to the office where your development team is based. However, please note that travel expenses are not covered in your payments to the team. Approximately 15% of our clients opt for at least one onboarding meeting with their team on-site.

Whom do I sign the contract with and pay?
  • Clients sign a direct contract with the chosen Vendor through Prodigies.
  • Clients adhere to the User Agreement on the Prodigies platform.
  • Prodigies acts as an Agent for the Software Development Vendors in our talent pool.
  • Prodigies also serves as a billing/payment agent.
  • Client payments through Prodigies consist of two parts:
    1. Engineer’s rate, transferred to the Vendor upon client confirmation of work delivery.
    2. Prodigies’ commission—10% of the engineer’s rate, covering services like candidate matching, standardized contracts, invoicing, secure payments, and ongoing customer support.
How do you verify seniority level and skills of the engineers on the platform?

We provide a high-level skill verification process by:

  • Conducting technical interviews with selected engineers and obtaining third-party references for their work.
  • Administering test assignments before engineers are included in our talent pool and before they apply to specific projects.
  • Utilizing reputable international technical vetting services, such as HackerRank for Work, to assess problem-solving abilities.
  • Enabling clients to interview candidates before making any commitments and offering the option to assign test tasks before finalizing hiring decisions.
Why are the profiles anonymised?
Our software partners aim to prevent the misuse of this platform by headhunters. You will receive comprehensive CVs and company profiles only after obtaining authorization from a Prodigies Advisor.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the CVs of software developers in Prodigies network?

Every agency is urged to ensure the timely updating of information regarding the availability and experience of their engineers, easily achievable through our self-serve platform for development partners. Failure to provide monthly updates on developers’ profiles may lead to a temporary ban of those profiles from our talent pool.

To ensure the proficiency of specialists before presenting them for clients’ projects, we conduct tech interviews and assess their skills and problem-solving mindset through HackerRank for Work tests.

What are the technologies you work with?
With a talent pool as big as 30,000+ people, you can always expect to find resources of any skills you require
Have you worked with my industry before?
We have experience in working with many industries. Some of our work has been on cybersecurity, FinTech, EdTech, HRTech, PropTech, marketing and advertising, retail & ecommerce, games & entertainment to name a few.
Can your team communicate in English?
Of course, they can. Our team works with clients from many different countries and English is the preferred language for all international projects. Every member of our team has proficiency in English and is able to engage in effective communication. We not only test communication skills while hiring but also train our employees continuously to help them improve.
Where are your developers located?
We have development teams across all different time zones, located in multiple countries around the world.

What’s the typical turnaround time to finalize hires after sending job descriptions of the resources I require?
It can take as quick as 3 days and no more than 6 weeks.
Do you have a minimum engagement period for a resource we hire from you?
Yes, 6 months. However, in special circumstances we allow as low as 3 months.
Can I communicate with my hired developers during the project?
Definitely. The team working on your project will follow any online communication and project management methods you choose. You can hold your own standups and weekly syncs. You can create dedicated Slack channels to chat with developers. Our goal is to build the best product we can for you and that calls for effective communication.
Can your team handle a project as complex as ours?
You bet! We draw from the global talent pool and take pride in having some of the most talented and passionate tech professionals in our team. Our developers love a good challenge. Let us know your requirements and we will inform you if it is a right fit for us.
What if the developers you provide don’t work out for us?
We understand that a good fit cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time. In such unfortunate (and rare) cases, we replace the developers within 1-2 weeks, and we don’t charge for two weeks of work for every replaced resource.
Can I interview developers before hiring?
Absolutely! Although all our resources are highly tested and vetted already, we allow one interview per resource before you decide to hire.
Can I look at developers’ resumes before starting the project?
Of course.
What is the smallest number of developers I can hire?
Any. You can just start with one.