Prodigies does not compromise on quality

Every talent represented by us goes through an elaborate vetting process to ensure your access to the best and the brightest international resources.

How we vet talent

We have a vast network of brilliant tech professionals that are pre-vetted and ready for new challenges. Our talent pool consists of young graduates with passion and enthusiasm to senior developers with years of experience that we screen using a standardized vetting process.

1. Application screening

We receive thousands of applications every year. Before even moving onto the next phase of vetting, we go through each application and do a thorough background check. We validate the candidate’s experiences from past employers and through their social media.

2. Video introduction

The initial introduction with screened candidates is done by asking them to send a video answering a few non-technical questions. This verifies their communication and speaking skills.

3. Technical tests

This step is accomplished in multiple interview sessions. Shortlisted candidates from step 1 & 2 are invited for interviews with senior developers and management figures to be tested thoroughly on the knowledge and skills in their technology stack.

4. Application review

At this step, our hiring team evaluates a candidate’s overall performance in each step and makes the decision to hire or reject.

5. Onboarding

After the final selection, new talents are onboarded into Prodigies. They receive a thorough briefing on what we expect from them and what our standard development practices are. Each new recruit is assigned to a management figure to guide them through.

6. Performance review

Every resource receives a quarterly review based on their performance in both technical and non-technical fronts. We ensure our prodigies have the best work ethics as well as top skills and are always getting the right feedback to learn and grow.